Yacht Club Pavilion Completed by Everlast Structures
Post Frame Construction Pavilion
Pole Barn Yacht Club Pavilion
Yacht Club Community Building

Yacht Club Pavilion


Delafield, WI

The Nagawick Yacht Club member approached us about this project. Their goal was to have an attractive and economical pavilion to serve their members.

While it is always a challenge to erect any building on a constricted site, a post frame building on a concrete slab is an ideal solution. In addition, the yacht club wanted the appearance of the building to reflect well on the club and its members, and the site.

To meet their goals, we employed column wraps and material colors that add a touch of class. Our goal is always to take the next steps to meet more than the minimum functional requirements and build structures that endure in value and enjoyment.


  • 12″ soffit overhangs
  • open sides
  • closed gable
  • concrete floor
  • Steel column wraps


  • Light stone steel siding
  • Charcoal steel roofing
  • Charcoal steel trims