Commercial Post Frame Construction Self Storage Building Built By Everlast Structures

Innovation Self Storage


Eagle, WI

Public storage buildings have a unique set of requirements. Because of the high traffic and movement of people and materials into and out of the storage units, the usage patterns are much different than private storage sheds for instance.

Durability is key, while some units may be filled and only visited once or twice a year, others see heavy traffic. In all cases, the unit renters expect security and protection from the elements.

As we designed the structure we worked with our client to make sure we met both their aesthetic and functional requirements. We carefully selected materials and components that assured long life and added to the appearance of the buildings.

Our choice of Plyco windows and service doors, and Hass insulated overhead doors will provide secure and long-lasting protection for the customers’ belongings. At the same time, their durability will reduce maintenance costs.


  • 24″ soffit overhangs front gable
  • 9’x9′ sidewall overhead doors
  • 8’x9′ end wall overhead doors
  • 3′ service doors
  • 3′ cupolas
  • 4’x3′ sliding windows
  • stone wainscot
  • lap siding in gable
  • Moisture Lok (roof condensation control)
  • 30 – 10’x25′ units
  • 5 – 10’x15′ units


  • Light Stone steel siding
  • Burnished Slate steel roofing
  • Burnished Slate steel trims
  • Plyco steel service doors
  • Plyco aluminum leakproof windows
  • Hass insulated overhead doors
  • LP lap siding