Pole Barn Hunting Cabin
Post Frame Construction Hunting Cabin
Hunting Cabin Built by Everlast Structures
Pole Barn Used as a Hunting Cabin
Post Frame Construction Hunting Cabin being built by Everlast Structures
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Hunting Cabin


Richland Center, WI

While Wisconsin hunters hope for good tracking snow during deer season, they also appreciate a warm and dry space for rest and relaxation. Our client Rick wanted to take advantage of year-round opportunities to enjoy his property. With those goals in mind, we met with Rick to make sure we understood all of the goals he had for his planned hunting cabin. While we do not claim to have the vision of Richland Center’s famous son Frank Lloyd Wright, we do pride ourselves in listening to our client's vision and designing sand building a post frame structure that realizes their dream. At the same time, we avoid the “Rube Guldberg” aspects of another famous local builder Alex Jordan Jr and his “House on the Rock.”

Everlast Structures prides itself on building a complete package that meets not only the expressed needs of our clients but also uses that they may not have anticipated. These additional features like porches that allow time to relax and talk at the end of a day hunting or hiking, and other amenities that add additional value to the building at an often nominal additional cost.

As we are designing your post frame building, we take into account both form and function. This means that we pay attention not only to what the building does, that is its features, but also its form. We make sure that your completed project fits your property, and the larger environment, that is your lot and neighborhood. Then we use materials and components that are high quality and will deliver a long life and low maintenance effort and cost. The result is that you will have a building that will meet your needs today, and tomorrow and that you can be proud to own.

We know that Rick and his family and friends will enjoy both their property and cabin for many years to come.


  • 12″ soffit overhangs
  • 4’x4′ windows
  • 5’x4′ windows
  • 2’x2′ windows
  • 6′ patio door
  • 16’x10′ overhead door
  • 40’x32’x10′ dwelling
  • 40’x48’x12′ garage
  • 8′ wrap around porch with ceiling
  • 5/12 pitch roof
  • Stone wainscot


  • Clay steel siding
  • Terratone steel roofing
  • Terratone steel trims
  • Plyco steel service doors
  • Plyco aluminum leakproof windows
  • Haas insulated overhead doors